Green Gas

GREEN GAS AERO 4/6/8 cyl




Multipoint gas injection system Green Gas AERO 4 cyl/4 cyl OBD is a next-generation system which have been applied the most innovative technology and unique management algorithms.

ECU Green Gas AERO 4 cyl/4 cyl OBD

has powerful processor which allows to calculate quickly and accurately the necessary gas ration and to react immediately to all changes and conditions of engine operation. Operation stability is achieved by automatic adaptation system in reference to petrol injection map or to parameters of diagnostic system OBDII and OBD.
ECU has strong, waterproof and small size body that provides maximum facility during installation.
Interface is very simple, informative and easy to use.


is a wide range of electronic control units for sequential gas injection, which allows not only to install the gas system in any car with a petrol engine, but also to select the optimal controller for the specific car and the proper relation between price and functionality.

GREENGAS electronics sets

are dedicated to control gas systems in a cars converted to run on propane-butane or methane and includes: the control unit, pressure and vacuum sensor, gas temperature sensor, wiring harness, fuel switch with full indication of the level of gas in the tank.

The KITs include products of the best-known world brands: reducers ТOMASETTO, injectors VALTEK, HANA, AEB


are characterized by a high reliability and very well protection from the moisture!

The small size of the 4-cylinder ECUs and only one small connector for connecting harness significantly reduces the time of installation of the system, moreover, in most cases auto-calibration allows to complete tuning of the car at this stage.