Green Gas

GREEN GAS BE 4/6/8 cyl

GREEN GAS BE – the high quality sequential gas injection system.

GREEN GAS BE is equipped by state of the art technical solutions which are available in the newest electronic control units (ECU). Fast processor provides high precision of gas dosage while controlling all the main parameters and adapting to driving circumstances.
Quality is a top priority – that’s why only the original and high quality components are used. Our system is 100% made in Europe.

System’s software has a clear and simple layout.
It can be displayed in 3 versions. The first version includes only basic and simplified functions for the beginners. The second one contains the simple map for the intermediate installers. The third one is much more advanced and it has been created for experienced installers.

There is also OBD

version available!!!


Main features of the system:

  • Settings in software are available in 3 options:
  • without a map –for the beginner installers
  • simple map – for the intermediate installers
  • extended map – for the experienced installers
  • Individual calibration for each injector
  • Ability to set the minimum and maximum pressure parameters, RPM and injection time while working on a gas.
  • Version with OBD available reading to parameters and mapping
  • Compatible with the VALVETRONIC engines (without a throttle)
  • Compatible with START&STOP engine system
  • Maps for manual temperature correction and gas pressure correction
  • Ability to change gas injectors sequence
  • Ability to warm up injectors
  • Technical specification of each injector mentioned in the program
  • Settings of brightness and volume of the switch

The system is suitable for LPG and for the CNG autogas. Depending on the type of gas the kits includes the proper components of the best-known world brands: TOMASETTO ACHILLE, VALTEK, HANA, BIGAS, RAIL.